Peter Coyote and the Road Runner

The ideal of every man is to be a cartoon character, to have countless many lives, to, each time he falls into an abyss, or a rock lands on his head and smashes him, rise up, uninjured, and move on, to fight for justice or injustice, it depends...

In one particular cartoon, in which a likeable evil coyote chases an unbearable road runner (who thinks that it is omnipotent), but never seems to catch up with it, everything resembles our country, Serbia. Our roads, though, are not so deserted and dusty; our coyote (which is to be read as student) though, is not so evil (actually, he is not yet corrupt, and is still to learn the rules of the road fighting), and our bird, even uglier, even more evasive than the real one, breaks the rules of the film fair-play and it often, instead of being tormented by us, is the tormentor. And, unlike the animated one, its beating really aches. And we keep hoping that that odious rival with miraculously evaporate one of these days, never to return, and that the coyote, the lonesome cowboy, with his hands and conscience clear, will carelessly disappear into the sunset, cured from all the neuroses caused by the bird's molestation, and start a new, happier life. After all, Serbia has had enough cinematography.

What they are doing to us is the absurdity of a cartoon. What they are offering us is a film story completely staged by them, and which is so faulty that it even lacks the sky, the Sun, the life. What their followers live is a lowbudget retold film. Everything here is film. FILM NOIRE.

And then the hero, disguised into an envious coyote, catches the unbearable bird, and hands it over to justice. But, let's not forget: the coyote that seizes the bird mustn't grab it by the neck; mustn't pluck its feathers. The coyote is a knight. He mustn't defile his hands with the poisonous feathers. Its better for him to find a different cartoon. One without bad guys...

Besides, the most beautiful trait of a cartoon is the immortality of its characters. The coyote is eternal. Nevertheless, let's not fall for this. Because the repulsive bird, protected with the same immortality, will easily come back from the dead. Never mind.

The coyote will create a cartoon without criminals. And the miserable bird will not be able to harm him...


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