In motion

12:00 The Plato
The 75th day of the Student Protest 96/97. has commenced. The students gathered at the traditional place - the Plato. From the usual mobile speaker system, voices of the guests and the hosts of the program could be heard. The most famous guest of the day was Dusan Kovacevic. The students were presented with a 18 carat-gold whistle, the present of the Kuwait students. The present is functional, which was shown to those present. The itinerary, which was, as usual, held secret until then, was announced just before the walk.

13:00 The "Walk"
The itinerary was planned so it could encircle as many regime institutions as possible. The students walked through the Vasina and Kolarceva streets, then entered Balkanska from Terazije. The procession then passed the Train Station and entered the Slobodana Penezica street. The students went past the Palace of Justice, where the First Municipal Court is located. While returning to the Plato, the procession flooded the Kneza Milosa street. I estimate that there were approximately 40.000 students present, reminiscing of the first days of the protest. The students thus showed that they will not give up the protest until their demands are met.

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