An Appropriate Satirical Text

The action of "the traffic normalization" was successfully conducted not only at the Branko's bridge and its immediate surroundings, but also in the Knez Mihajlova street, Republic Square, the Plato, even at the schools of the University. The reliable sources claim that all the traffic lights broke down, but, out of "technical reasons", it was easier to punish the unscrupulous participants in the traffic, under the slogan "nobody will endanger the very lively after-midnight traffic in Belgrade". The hunt of the "traffic policemen" was pursued in the little streets on Dorcol also. It must be pointed out that "the boys in blue" behaved very correctly, "ID-ing" the suspicious-looking characters, just as it is done in all democratic countries.

-Where are your whistles? Oh, I see that you are wearing sneakers...and a pin, nice, nice.

-Aaaaah! Not on the head, the comrade in blue!

It would be unprofessional not to notice the devotion of the "boys in blue" while carrying out "their duties" in the past days. They were simply racing, by the motto of the Olympic Games, "FASTER, BETTER, STRONGER!" I think that Mr. PRESIDENT should praise them, and in accord with his conclusion that "EVERYBODY SHOULD DO WHAT THEY CAN, AND THE BEST THEY CAN!" But they understood his words too literally.

Since the University "is not a foreign embassy" as the comrade Vulin put it, "and you don't need a passport to enter it", it is rather a club you need. And the students who, unscrupulously drove without a licence, thus disrupting the traffic at the Plato and the School of Philosophy, had to be arrested, probably to have traffic regulations explained to them. At the end, student gentlemen, what can I say, except, head straight for the driving schools, and only when you have overcome the traffic regulations can you go to your schools. Meanwhile, I plead to the police and the Ministry of Traffic and Connections to finally reconcile on the issue of understanding the term traffic!


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