The Announcement of the Council of the Deans

The council of the deans, the Members of the Teaching-scientific Council and the managers of the insistutes which are in the makeup of the University in Belgrade, on their meeting which was held on February 6th 1997, adopted the following conclusions concerning the situation at the University:

  1. The council repeats its condemnation of the intrusion of the members of the police forces on the School of Philosophy, the beating and the arrests of the students, battering of the University professors, as well as the police violence over the citizens in general. By these actions, some of them repeated on February 4th, the autonomy of the University, guaranteed by law, was disturbed most violently.
  2. The council demands the commanders and the executors of these actions to be immediately identified and most severely punished and suggests to the Law School to, in the name of all the schools and institutes, investigate the possibility for taking legal actions against those responsible for the committed violence.
  3. As a sign of solidarity with the School of Philosophy, in order to defend the autonomy of the University and to protest the police violence over the students and the professors, the Council appeals to all the teachers and associates of the school who have obligations connected with classes or examinations on Monday, February 10th, not to partake of them. All the employees will be at their working posts on that date.
  4. The Council invites all the schools and institutes to end the election procedures for the members of the University Council and requests that a session of the Council be held in a shortest possible term, so the demands of the Student Protest concidering the dismissal of the Chancellor and the Student Vice-chancellor can be fulfilled.

The presiding officer of the session of the Council
Prof. Dr. Dejan Popovic

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