The Student Protest & The European Avant-garde

PRELUDE: Belgrade is, slowly, but surely, becoming the center of happenings. The Student Protest has welcomed a European artist.

WHO IS?: Iris Honderos was born on May 4th 1958. in Utrecht, Netherlands, Europe. She was a student of the Academy for Expression and Communication in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Europe, as well as of the Academy of Modern Art in Utrecht, Netherlands, Europe. She exhibited her works in the majority of European Countries, Europe. Her artistic orientation is the so called "international style" = the organic connection with the people and the atmosphere as they are (the people) in the moment of creation.

PROJECT: All those interested will draw, write or do anything they choose that will express their personal opinion and feelings regarding the Student Demonstrations on a piece of white canvas. Everybody will then cut their pieces into two symmetrical parts and carry them on themselves for 3 (three) days at the most (maybe less).

WHERE?: After everybody has carried their canvases, they will be handed to the artist - Iris personally, or (if she isn't present at the moment) will be left at a specially marked place in the hall of the PMF.

THE END: When the artist has gathered all the available canvases, she will transform them into a complete artistic formation by her own creative impulses and present them to the public. In this way, all those who bring their piece of cloth will contribute to a work of art that will testify to a personal opinion about the current Student Happenings in Belgrade(, Europe). This work of art will be the artist's testimony of the current events, and her gift and contribution to the Student Protest.

Maximilien Robespierre

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