On the yesterday's session of the Main Board (GO), with the representatives of 24 schools of the Belgrade University and the University of Art present, the attitude of the Main and Initiative Boards towards the lex specialis was discussed. The students demanded that the crisis which arose because of the electoral theft, be resolved through the state institutions. The President and the Government of the Republic of Serbia have, according to legal experts, chosen an illegal way which violates the basic principles of law and ethics (the law gives no possibility for objection). It was agreed that the Student Protest will not be ended by possible adoption of this law. "Our" goal is the verification of the mandates, but we will not allow Slobodan Milosevic pardon all those who were responsible for the electoral fraud. Only after the culprits have been punished i.e. when all are demands are completely fulfilled, will we return to classes.

*The GO delegation paid a visit today to Rastko Kostic, member of the GO, who was injured in a brutal police attack in the night between February 2nd and 3rd. Prof. dr. Zika Dimitrijevic, the Manager of the Trauma Center, notified them of his present condition. Namely, Kostic received head injuries, his nasal bone was fractured, two of his front teeth were knocked out, and two middle fingers of his left hand were broken. Kostic is feeling better now, and his release from the Trauma Center is expected today. On the basis of medical reports criminal charges will be brought against the executor.

*Irena Stankov, representative of the University of Art "Braca Karic" announced that the lectures at this school have been completely suspended.

*The School of Chemistry is going on complete strike on Tuesday, February 11th, on the account of the brutal beating of the citizens and the students on the streets of Belgrade, as well as of the violation of the law on the autonomy of the University by the break-in of the police at the School of Philosophy.

*An evening walk is planned for the weekend; we should be joined by the doctors. The gathering time and the itinerary will be established at the today's meeting.


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