A Visit to the Chancellor

A delegation of the Lawyers' Chamber of Belgrade, composed of Milenko Radic, Miroslav Lukic and Kosta Nadj visited, without announcement, Dragutin Velickovic, Chancellor of the B.U. who received them immediately. They sought an answer to the question about the actions of the Chancellor's office regarding the beatings of the students and the pouring of water over them by the police, regarding the intrusion of the police on the premises of the School of Philosophy and the brutal beating of Rastko Kostic, the student of the School of Philosophy and member of the Main Board of the Student Protest, and especially about their actions aimed at the prevention of further repression and the protection of inviolability of the University grounds, and whether there will be any steps in that provided nothing has yet been done.

The Chancellor replied that he has been completely cut off and ignored by the students and by a large number of Deans of the B.U. and that he wields no information considering all these events. He unambiguously stated that he will do nothing before a student delegation comes to see him, and that, as he said, can be done at any time.

As we were informed by Mr. Kosta Nadj, the Lawyers' Chamber is in constant contact with Rastko Kostic and his doctors, but despite their pressing, and a written request and a promise of Dr. Zivorad Djordjevic, Chief of the Neurosurgical Clinic of the Trauma Center that they will be granted insight to the medical documentation made on his arrival to the Clinic, as well as the information on his treatment and prognosis, the documentation hasn't yet appeared, and it is well known that he has 17 stitches on his head, that a nose operation was performed on him, and that the fingers on his left hand were smashed. Medical aid from abroad was also offered and the Lawyers' Chamber and the Student Protest are willing to finance it; Rastko Kostic, though, for now, wants to be treated in his own country.

Mr. Nadj said that the same delegation will visit the Clinic again, that it will insist on seeing the documentation, and will bring criminal charges and raise the issue of criminal responsilbility of all the individuals who have been manipulationg the health documentation of R. Kostic, and his parents will decide in the course of the day whether he will be transferred from the Trauma Center, because all this endagers his personal safety at the Clinic.

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