In motion

Unlike the day-before-yesterday's walk, which followed the route of the number 2 tram, which wasn't much of a material for an extensive report, yesterday we crossed the river again and went to "conquest" the Student Compound. The program commenced at the Plato with the introductory speeches of a girl from the Initiative Board as Master of Ceremonies. Miki Manojlovic was also a guest of the wolf-mobile, and used this opportunity to tell us to prepare our summer clothes for the protest. We also received support from the technical surplus manpower of the police (the inspectors who, in one way or other, supported the protest, and as a result, were discharged).

The procession headed for Kalemegdan first, then continued towards the Pariska street. From the Pop Lukina street we entered the bridge, which greeted us with the usual complaints (hopefully, we won't find ourselves at the same wave-length!) but the students would not be frightened - "the waves" have definitely been placed among the protest attractions. The conquering academic horde (an adequate etiquette for us by the public television) continued in its unbearably jolly and noisy manner along the streets of New Belgrade and finally found itself in the Student Compound a little after three o'clock. There we were addressed (apart from Mr. Bojovic from the Initial Board) by Jovan Mitic, Manager of the Student Compound, who caused the students to produce high frequency tones (i.e. whistles). In his speech he expressed the unreserved support to the students (we had no speaker system, though, and he had to use the megaphone). The estaffete was then taken over by Dusan Vojinovic, the manager of the third block in the Compound. He also supported the students and identified with them on the issue of their demands. It was then the turn for Nikola Vuksanovic, President of the Student Union to speak, and he, despite the "democratic" noise, gave his previously prepared speech to the student backs.

The program was then continued by the return to the city center (a few souvenirs were taken along the way - the advertizing flags of the SPS - from the Branko's bridge) and the dismissal of the procession at the Plato.


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