The scientific and research scope of a group of microprofessors of the BU during the Student Protest 96-97 or the influence of the Protest on the quantity of the BU students

The story begins on November 22nd of the previous year, by the spontaneous gathering of a number of students, who, at the time, didn't even have the status of a "handfull", at the Plato in front of the School of Philosophy.

Everything that day was in order, understanding, merry and neighborly (it would have been noticed on the state TV, had they not been ordered otherwise).

And a few weeks later, alas, in a bus number 31, an older lady, among the people known as "the old b..", will state resignedly, through the window, to a spontanuously gathered row of trees in the Karadjordjev Park: "None of this would have happened, had Woody gone home on time". But, since the comrade Pero carried a peacemaking policy at the time, the students, the citizens of Belgrade, and all other British, Germans and Americans were denied a few hundred positions in various medical institutions throughout the country.

Unfortunately, the number of our citizens employed in the foreign information services (CIA, UNESCO, UNICEF) kept increasing daily. The thing that was most upsetting to the authorities was the fact that the number of foreign mercenaries and flagsincreased paralelly with the number of the so-called students of the BU at the protest gatherings. It was necessary to react immediately, so the comrade professor of the BU Branislav Ivkovic was brought in the spotlight (much before Gonzales), for the purpose of resolving the confusion regarding the number of the students on strike. Professor Ivkovic was reluctant to use the term "a handfull of gathered students", because the news had already leaked, and reached the masses, that this term had already entered the SI system and that it represented a number of 20000 gathered, discontented students of both sexes. Whether it was for this reason, or because he was afraid to be laughed at, comrade professor Ivkovic stated to a magazine from Vienna that there were approximately 20000 students on the streets of Belgrade, but that it was only a quarter of their total number, as there are 80000 students at the BU. Whether the total number of the students included the immediate relatives of the students too will remain unsolved, but it is a fact that the Austrians were well amused on that occasion.

As the number of the students at the protest gatherings increased to 30-40 thousand, the responsible officials found themselves in great trouble. How could they move on (into the new century)? The difference, which proved, by the method 80000-20000=60000 that the students support the wise policy of the ruling structures, and that they are willing to return to warm desks on the summon of the progressive youth throughout Kosovo and Metohija, was decreasing quickly.

There were two possible solutions:

  1. Go out to public with a statement that maybe there are 80000 students on strike, but that there are 15 students from friendly China studying at the BU, who are giving unreserved support to the policy of our president, which is peace-oriented and of principle. At the end of the statement it should be said that the Chinese ancient wisdom is the second in the world, and their tolerance in such occasions of citizen and student rebellion should be particularly stressed. Nevertheless, the second solution was much simpler and excluded any kind of foreign interference. The suggestion was:
  2. To, with hearty assistance of the psychiatric institutions and immediate relatives of the ruling party officials, form a new, independent student organization - a movement which will stand up to protect the constitutional right to go to classes and to have the undisturbed use of the mobile phones at all schools, party meetings and folk-clubs. To be simply put, an Independent Student Movement (NSP) which will consist of six members is to be formed, its leadership will, besides the parents of the members gather the great majority of students (although most of them are not aware of it).

From the mathematical point of view, the NSP is a joined set of the students of the BU; so the uncertainty about the total figure of the students at the University, which lasted for years was resolved. After a few increases which lead to the unthinkable, yet natural number Z=80000, where Z stands for the number of BU students, the famous Z was transferred from the set of natural numbers to the set of complex numbers C, and today, including the NSP, at the imaginary axis Z has the form X+iY, or in the case of the BU, Z=80000+6i.

The misconception that the set of BU students represents a subset of the set of natural numbers was by this definitely overcome. Thanks to the painstaking scientific work, and especially to the latest research in the theory of numbers and counting, the following professors: M. Markovic, D. Draskovic, B. Ivkovic and D. Velickovic were included among the greatest scientists ever given by Serbia to the Universe since the time of the Big Bang.


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