The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
(The latest version 96/97 for the Serbian speaking and territorial area)

Item 1.
All citizen beings of our country are no longer being born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with obedience and should behave towards each other in the spirit of obedience to every kind of order from the persons in charge of giving orders.

Item 2.
Every citizen has the right (and obligation to use that right at least once a year) to a jail sentence, clubbing, molestation, repression and all kinds of battery from the persons in charge of this and no citizen can be deprived of this guaranteed right, regardless of their race, skin color, sex, language, creed, political or other opinion, national or social background, property, birth or any other status of the citizen in question.

Item 3.
Everybody has the inviolable right to death, captivity or personal insecurity.

Item 4.
Nobody can be kept on freedom without a justified reason; freedom without a justified reason will be banned and punished in its every form.

Item 5.
Nobody will be subject to prosperity or any kind of merciful behavior.

Item 6.
Everybody has the right not to be considered a human, conscious being before the law, and to be immediately murdered by the individuals responsible for citizen killing and thus lift the burden from the society.

Item 7.
Everybody has the right to be criminally persecuted and punished for no particular reason.

Item 8.
Any person accused of breaking the law has the right to be innocent until forced to plead guilty. Everybody has the right to be innocently convicted, without establishing his guilt.

Item 9.
Nobody will be protected from meddling in his private affairs, family, home or assaults on his honor and reputation.

Item 10.
Everybody has the right to be restricted in movement and residence within the boundaries of his country. Nobody has the right to leave the country or enter it without a justified reason.

Item 11.
Everybody has the right to receive citizenship if it is to the liking of the citizenship donor.

Item 12.
Everybody has the guaranteed right to lack opinion or conscience, except for the conscience towards the authorities, which are not subject to this right.

Item 13.
Everybody has the right to be uninformed or misinformed.

Item 14.
Everybody has the right to private property until he is deprived of ot in any way.

Item 15.
Everybody has the right to form citizen associations and organizations and to be punished for it.

Item 16.
Every employed citizen has the right to social insecurity, his own, or of his family, forced labour and hope that he will be paid for his work. Every employed citizen has the right to be discharged against his will. All the unemployed citizens have the inviolable right to hope that they will be employed someday.

Item 17.
All the unemployed have a right to a vacation. All the employed have the right to work and sleep eight hours a day.



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