The dog and the flea

D: Hello?
F: Good day, Mister D. Your humble parasite is calling.
D: What is it you want now. Do you know that there is work to be done here. There are so many perfidious lies to be served to the people daily. I've been spending days smiling foolishly in all kinds of dumps.
F: But, you know, I really don't know what to do to make the stupid people listen anymore...
D: What do you mean you don't know...
F: Well, for instance, I was beating them for three days (a sad smile on his face), and they simply won't go home and go on, you know, ascetically! And, those students, they are really stubborn. I wonder who invented the University. I will beat them too, I will! (he is getting carried away).
D: Wait, hey, calm down. You can't do it just like that.
F: Why is that. How could you torment them so viciously in '68. Not that I am criticizing. It serves them right. They do not understand our justified wars.
D: You fool! It was different then. Today you would have 5000 humanitarian organizations on your back if there was just one hair missing from either one of them.
F: Uh, Hmm..well what will I do then? I can't go back.
D: It got to your head a little too late, comrade. You should have stolen a bit more from them. How is it that I manage everything. There, they are all slaving away until they retire to pay off mortgages and taxes, and all along they think that they need nothing else.
F: Oh, how do you manage?
D: Well...
F: Mhm..Let's say I could then, fulfill their demands, and then stall for as long as I can. I would have enough time to gather my things, escape to the friendly Greece and leave my invertebrates, of course, to the raging masses (hearse).
D: You see, I did manage to teach you some things in Dayton, my orderly. Gotta go now. Don't forget the three mines you are supposed to sell me for free.
F: No problem! I already prepared a report for the public about the successful international transaction and a brilliant move of the Economic Chamber.
D: OK. Go in Peace then!


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