Work: None
Love: None
Health: Having observed your life from the last two aspects, you will realize that it is meaningless, which will cause severe depression and the fall of the immune system of linear equations.

Work: Don't attempt to go head through the wall.
Love: You are longhorned. obviously.
Health: You will feel as if you are being stabbed.

Work: You have both hit the bottom, but not of a pot or pan.
Love: You are in demand, and know it.
Health: Good. Nobody understands why or how.

Work: Considering where you are residing, the pressure is great.
Love: No cordons - no love.
Health: Same as your sign.

Work: You are bearing problems as a lion...
Love: Love is like a jungle to you (whatever it may mean)
Health: So much egotism can really be harmful.

Work: Use the upcoming period to cash your virtue.
Love: The sun will finally shine to you and your darkness will disappear.
Health: Beware of various viruses and cordons.

Work: You are indecisive. You are waging the offers of the CIA and the Albanian mob.
Love: In tremendous amounts...Through the Internet.
Health: Tummy trouble. Don't watch the news in the future.

Work: Who digs a hole to other is a manual laborer.
Love: You have your hands full (especially your right)
Health: It is as if you had none.

Work: You hit the target!
Love: Blank!
Health: Blank here, too.

Work: You will profit on the whistles you sell.
Love: A goat in sight.
Health: You are bursting from health and clubs.

Work: Something is leaking here!
Love: Something is leaking here too.
Health: Your nose is leaking.

Work: A fish bites fish's fin. (a tongue twister)
Love: A fish bites fish's fin.
Health: You really bit that one!

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