A joke preserved us - thanks to her

In the moments this literary reckless act is coming into existence, the 80th day of the general Protest is approaching. Making a more ample summary of the past events is partly hindered by disbelief in the authenticity of the things that happened.

In a time when the whole people is fighting for the same cause, a deliberate division happened - in the beating sense. The students are, as a moral support and the most logical power of the general Protest, walking more freely than ever. In return, Mir' (short for both Mira and Peace) and Sloboda' (short for Slobodan and Freedom) let them observe the mentally paralyzing sights in the form of February showers, straight angle beatings, "felling of the journalists"...Who would have thought that the head director would opt for the most commercialized ending to a film with an already terrible scenario?! There - had the extras accepted to play in this high-budget masterpiece for a share of the profits, they would have surely been better off. The actors played their parts well, but the extras were brilliant in the struggle for their bare lives (this is to be read: there were no casualties). To every "observer", objectivity id the greatest danger, for it awakens his lowest instincts: anger, blood and death to the dinosaurs! "...everybody attack - but peacefully!"

While some are throwing information around, and stubbornly doing what they will, the others are stumbling on the facts. Between (un)constitutional legal decisions and (lack of) freedom of movement and the media, the majority is still doing what they (do not) know. I just wonder how long will we (not) be existing?

Sebastian S.

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