Boom interview: grandma Olga

I had the pleasure and honor to chat with grandma Olga, the greatest and most honest sympathizer of the Student Protest. Although she was in a jam, she kindly accepted the invitation, so we talked about this and that. This is just a part of that story...

BOOM: How did you react the first time you saw an immense procession of people underneath your balcony?
Grandma Olga: The first time it was the "Zajedno" coalition. I was thrilled! I threw flowers at them. Then it crossed my mind that there must be a Serbian flag present. I went out and bought it...The students? They are our youth, hope and support. And they should be against lies and deceit

BOOM: How does it feel when thousands of people are exclaiming your name?
Grandma Olga: It's a special feeling. I never experienced it before. I was filled with satisfaction and happiness. It's good when you feel that you are dear to someone...

BOOM: How did the Student Protest affect your life?
Grandma Olga: I became content and happy, especially because of the way the protest is being conducted.

BOOM: Which event left the greatest impression on you?
Grandma Olga: When the police reacted...I was excited and deeply unhappy. I wasn't there, but I spent the while night next to the radio.

BOOM: Did the "enemy camp" ever provoke you in any way?
Grandma Olga: Yes, during one walk I heard curses from some young man standing on the side. I was surprised and wanted to follow them, to ask them why...But they disappeared. (She also showed a letter from a "gentleman" from Bijeljina "reprehending" her for her behavior.)

BOOM: What advice would you give to our people and what do you expect from all this?
Grandma Olga: I admire our people and their persistence. In future actions, when they see that something is good and effective, they should remain persistent. And all that in a cultured and civilized manner. I expect...that we feel an improvement, at least in the sense that there be no more thefts and bribes. That there be more honesty!

BOOM: A message to the world?
Grandma Olga: The Serbs are not what they were presented by the world to be. The Serbs never killed for pleasure. Nowhere in the world have the refugees been accepted in such large quantities and such a manner...The Serbs have souls! I am especially grateful to the students for succeeding in improving the impression about us.


At the end of the conversation she confessed shyly: "I don't know. Perhaps I am being partial: I am probably being partial - the students are especially dear to me!"

Sebastian S.

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