SP as SF

As BOOM unofficially discovers, from the (un)reliable sources from outer space, the cause for "the electoral crisis" is the Minister of Tourism, who will on this event (not by his desire)remain anonymous. According to the information we received, everything began when the Minister of Tourism (M.T. in further references) got bored with solving crossword puzzles all the time.

M.T. went to the movies. The movie "Strange days" was playing in the Cultural Center of Belgrade (which is, accidentally, located in the Kolarceva street). (For those uninformed, the main scene of the movie in question is a thunderous street party accompanied with the threatening police cordons).

Unexpectedly inspired, M.T. addressed the Government and other Responsible people. The decision was immediately (democratically?!) reached. A not so secret operation was conducted, by the name "The annulment of the second rounds of the local elections".

The whole world is, finally, supporting us...

The souvenir street market is thriving...

The number of foreign reporters, students, even tourists, is increasing...

There is an initiative for the police cordons to remain in the streets permanently, as a tourist attraction; special tourist arrangements would include beatings.

As a response to an idea of some foreign magazines for the students to receive this year's Nobel Prize for peace, BOOM'97 suggests that the M.T. in question receives the Nobel Prize for economy. Why should we get all the glory?

At the end, it could have been worse. What would have happened if M.T. had seen "The 12 monkeys"?!


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