The Sidewalk Forest National Liberation Movement, or the Sidewalk Forest will not be ruled by aliens

In the ancient, ancient times, on the edge of the Sidewalk Forest, lived a little blue people named Coppers. They spoke the Copper language, and never haressed the good-willed people. And they would have lived so, long and happily and above all neighborly, had there been any Good-willed people in the Sidewalk Forest. Moreover, not far from the forest, down the Kolarcev and Vasin streams, and on the coast of the eternally cold Student Lake, the castle of the evil sorcerer Gargamel the Dark was raising STRAIGHT to the skies. His magical sentence - PANTA REI, which in the Copper language meant "I will get to you yet" - would turn the little blue men into little green men and they would disappear in the voids of the distant, conspiring stars, by the intergalactic, super swift railroads, never to be found again.

O the little blue ones. little blue ones. How piteous and helpless would have they been in the ferocious Sidewalk Forest, had it not been for their wise leader, the Great Copper - Badza, who was, by the way, acquainted with the secret powers of the LEX SPECIALIS magic. Only with its help would it be possible to resist the evil Gargamel, whose lifelong dream was to have the Sidewalk Forest completely freed of the Coppers. Oh, an evil wizard was he! But the good, little, blue Coppers. They knew that Gargamel himself would not have been quite so evil had he not been for the various radiations and harmful spells from the distant planets. And speaking of bad influences, I must mention that this malefactor had a separate chamber in his castle with a horrid and untranslatable (to Copper language) name - LIBRARY. And the great "torturing box" was the source of the greatest evil to be heard and sensed in the Sidewalk Forest. Alas, the wicked destiny, one day a little group of the foolishly daring Coppers, while wandering through the woods, came right before the gates of the Gargamel's enchanted castle. Awful, awful. Having no other choice, far away from the home village, they called the good fairies for help, Club-ette and Bluecab-ette, who, although from a completely story, immediately answered the call. Club-ette pointed out on this occasion that she and Bluecab-ette give the unreserved support to the little, brave, blue people in their attempt to liberate the forest from the evil conqueror and queer wretch. Comrade Bluecab-ette, however, interceded in the favor of support of all the progressive forces fighting for the same cause, no matter what story they belong to. "The important thing is that we love each other", comrade Bluecab-ette, a good fairy by profession, stressed at the end of her constructive presentation. Following these words, raising her left arm to the sky, comrade Club-ette, with the magic words "demolish", managed to unviolently break the spell which held the gates and the Coppers timidly entered the castle..

What atrocities did they encounter there?

Who and why tried to expel the Copper Z-gurko from the village after the action?

Why did our heroes after everything they went through get reprimanded by the great Copper Badza?

I'll tell you on a different occasion.

EX Vunderkind

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