No deal?

Ultra-exclusively, only for BOOM, from the sources guaranteed to be reliable, we discover that the recently scheduled secret meeting at the highest level was - canceled! For the uninformed, we will clarify this: the political elite of Serbia, the bloom of our democracy, is composed of the magnificent six: the frozen president of the Party without alternative, Mr. Tycoon de Pozarevac, his spouse Warjana*, by the way the directress of the party Cool & the (not so)cool-sters, Mr. Duke of Batajnica-and-as-a-matter-of-fact-Dobanovci-as- -well** from the party of Rusted spoons & periodical Constitution lovers, then the famous trio consisted of Mr. Kiza the (they can...) Sucker, the party chief of the academicians To be & of the barbecued oxen, Mr. Vucko Gandhi, leader of the party oppositional By demand, and last but not least, Mrs. Might-with-a-shoe-too-tight from the party called The van and the desire for growth (and why not for whiskey as well?)

Anyhow, the giants of humanity mentioned above, the hopes of our future, should have met at the "Legal state" cafe to come to an agreement on the results of the next elections, that is, the distribution of votes, property and other minor details. However, as the fixed term was approaching, they all, as if they agreed to do so, acquired the feeling of unease. It will probably always remain a secret what was it in the harmless name of this object of leisure that irritated them so. Yet, we succeeded to get hold of the unofficial statement of Mr. Tycoon: "You see, Warjana got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, so she took the selection of this cafe as a provocation...", while Mr. the Sucker stated that "We mustn't allow the ghosts of the future, such as a legal state to get in the way of democratic reforms of our bank accounts".

Whether this important meeting will ever be conducted, and where, is still unknown.

* Peace in Serbian is Mir
** Batajnica and Dobanovci being dangerously close to Zemun...

Lunja Smarsa

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