Gargamel Shall Dance In Front of Your Door Too

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Alas, when the tiny blue creatures succeeded in breaking the spells in front of the gates of Gargamel's sinister castle with the help of the good fairies Beatrice and Jaileena - there was a change so strange, that the whole narrative structure of this story had to collapse. What, exactly, are we talking about? When the first Smart, and it was courageous Z. Pusher, cautiously stepped into the dark chambers of the evil castle the situation got so dramatic that this article will have to take a theatrical concept in its most critical stage.

For example:


I would like to emphasize the role of Great Smart - The establisher of the age-old Smart dream "All Smarts in one forest".

Also starring:

a) In the forces of Good:

Beatrice and Jaileena - Good fairies on part-time labor in Sidewalk Forest , born on 29. November (police precinct) in some ancient age.

Anedge - the dissident expelled from the ranks of enslaved and good-willed settlers of the forest, known for ties with the forces of darkness, once a close friend to Jaileena. In this story he appears only as Anedge - the rim of the forest footed by the Smarts.

Z. Pusher - leader of a lost terrorist brigade which has payed an unofficial and unannounced visit to Gargamel. Born to an honest, poor family, after a legal intercourse in accordance with all the rules of the Sidewalk code, somewhere in the South of the Sidewalk Forest.

A minor squad of Smarts - praise to them

Lex Specialis - White magic

b) On the side of Evil

Gargamel the Wicked - a warlock, alchemist and false prophet. Known for spreading untrue tales about how everything is transient and changeable. He hates Smarts and wants to banish them from the edge of the Sidewalk Forest (if he were alive today he would probably be of pro-fascist orientation).

Azrael - a SRM* (sick retarded monster) in the body of a cat who, TOGETHER** with his superior makes life hard for the tiny Smarts. He is extremely aggressive and never plays with other cats.

The rest - Demons, Freaks, Witches, Elves and Drugstore Employees concentrated, mainly, in the center of the forest. The do not recognize Gargamel and Azrael as their leaders, but they all TOGETHER work on destabilizing the atmosphere in Sidewalk Forest and destroying the tree lines.

Logos - the evil spirit.

The Plot

Act I

( The Smart Z. Pusher, holding an edition of the Lex in his hands, cautiously sneaks along the damp corridor of the bewitched castle. Beatrice is right behind him with a magic wand. Behind them are the rest of the Smarts holding each others hands and Jaileena is on guard at the entrance).

Gargamel: (appears out of nowhere) BUUUUUU!***

The Smarts: (the Smarts freeze with fear and only the courageous Z. Pusher keeps his calm and manages to hang the LEX SPECIALIS onto Azrael's tail with tremendous effort).

Azrael: (starts to purr amicably and retreats behind the curtain).

Gargamel: (Angrily) Argh, you little wretched blue punks! You'll be sorry, just till I get my hands on you!

Act II

Gargamel: ( opens the door of his notorious torture chamber - the Library - and unleashes the evil spirit Logos, who momentarily starts to devour the Smarts).

Logos: (Gulps down the little blue creatures) Yum, Yum!

No one has drunk a cup of honey, before making it bitter with gall! (old saying=No pain, no game).

At this point we shall stop this repulsive Logos' monologue, because we are familiar with the effect of these words and images of brutal massacre of innocent Smarts on the mental development of a young reader. Just to inform, you, the only surviver was the Smart Z. Pusher, who swam over Vasin and Kolarcev streams**** where he was received by half a million people yelling natural onomatopoeia. However, Great Smart did not like this idolatrous relationship of the Smartian people towards the hero Pusher, so he attempted on more occasions to blame him for the insane and suicidal action of hanging the Lex Specialis onto the cats tail. "It was a hasty, harmful move by a group of irresponsible individuals in our ranks from which I dissociate myself.", wrote Great Smart in his book " Hansel and Grettel - the years of the outcome". Why conflicts broke out in the Smartian community, who was to blame and what actually happened with the little blue people remains a mystery. There are few historical facts and insufficient proof which date from ancient times, because someone destroyed the small amount of documents the Smarts left behind. Unfortunately, only this unbelievable and incomplete story which has been maintained orally from generation to generation.

* Serbian Renewal Movement (political party)
** opposition coalition (ZAJEDNO)
*** Belgrade University
**** Streets in Belgrade very significant to the Protest.


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