Only fools die for ideals

The protest of the opposition was concluded (or, as they say, postponed). Many residents of this city protested in the streets for three months, and all in vain, it seems, and for nothing...For, what have we got? A ruler who, allegedly, all the while, has no idea about what's going on; a whole bunch of declared crooks; a Parliament that will obey everything, including the unconstitutional resolutions such as the lex specialis; the police that beat the people (although "beat" is too gentle of a word for all that was happening), while the crime is in bloom; a whole country on strike, and at the same time in the process of being resold to foreign capital; students on the streets, trying desperately to catch a glimpse of any kind of future ahead of them...Everything points to the old Serbian folk saying "the wolf has eaten the donkey". If you try to prove a theorem by reducing it to absurdity, then usually absurdity is where you will end up. Here, unfortunately, it is not the case.

Nevertheless, the students are not the opposition. They are not fighting for power, nor for positions, but for survival. Our motto is not, and should never become - "the goal justifies all means". They mustn't throw away three months of our lives in the name of an improper compromise. They can't go back, and unless something changes, neither can they move ahead. We have no right to give in, not until all culprits are punished, for all those believing in us...


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