It happened at the assembly of the students of physics:

Why is February 24th 1997 considered the potential turning point and the possible end of the Student Protest?

Because Mister (some would say: the Chancellor) D. Velickovic is returning to work on that day, after the deserved ski-vacation.

At the today's assembly of the students of the School of Physics, the examination terms were discussed. Namely, if the Student Protest ends by March 1st 1997, the working plan would look like this:

Starting Monday, March 3rd 1997, the compensation of the first semester, lasting two weeks (12 workdays) would start, which would be followed by the January examination term. After the conclusion of this term, the lectures would commence, assuming that 10 weeks consisted of 6 workdays each would be sufficient for the lectures in the second semester, including the compensation for the two-semester subjects. The "February" term would be organized after the second semester, and it would be immediately followed by the "June" term. The "July" term would succeed a possible ten day break.

After the deserved summer vacation fall examination terms would follow, most likely moved in accordance with the needs of the students.

In the three upcoming examination terms (one presently in progress, and the two already mentioned "protest" terms) the students will be able to take each examination two times at the most.

If the Chancellor resigns by February 24th, 1997, the compensation and the whole plan will most likely commence earlier.

Verbum caro factum est

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