SP as SF (II)

By the means of a time travelling machine, constructed by the idle students of physics during the three months of "leisure", the reporters of your favourite magazine (that is BOOM) made an excursion to the not so distant future. Here is what we noted:

In the year of 2007. a group of pediatricians conducted a detailed research on the strange occurrence in the children's anatomy. Namely, it was observed that babies were born during the ten previous years with protuberances shaped as whistles where mouths should be. The child would communicate by whistling, and take only liquid food, through the narrow opening in this protuberance. Child psychologists joined the research team, and found that the children were aggressive, subject to profascist ideology, and aggressive towards all individuals wearing uniforms.

The scientists were trying to establish the nature of these genetic mutations and whether they could be defined as a new stage in the evolution of man.

For our readers we also provided a special report on the Student Protest from 1997:

One third of the Protest succeeded, because the first demand was fulfilled, but the other two thirds failed, because Mister Chancellor had a heart attack in March 1997, and the Student Vice-chancellor, crushed by sorrow, hanged himself on the radiator in the Chancellor's Office.

Baby Kate

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