Just another report!

He came, he played and then he left. The (guest) performance (known among the people as ...) was decent and extremely professional. After the audience had already been gathering before the entrance of the concert studio for a half an hour (the author himself arriving with a half hour delay), the security, pressured by the protesting masses, had to let us in to the concert we paid for. The entry, though, was quite "undisciplined" (elbows and knees were flashing, delivering painful blows to all bodily parts) through the door of a format that would be much more suitable for a recruiting office. It was once more confirmed that we will have to work a little harder on the issues of the basic civilization norms (the priorities, however, would be the city transportation and our daily bread). In the customary boiling climate of the densely populated concert hall, something a concert is unthinkable without, after a civil "good evening", the noise started. It has been long since the last time the author had such a fine share of jumping around, this time to the melodious howling of Coya's guitar and the refreshed rhythm of the new-old tunes. All those fond of noise undoubtedly felt no disappointment on their way out. Those, however, were not in the majority. The legions of modern techno fans were mostly culpable for the atmosphere that couldn't by far compare to the savage output from the speakers. Most likely startled by the amount of disharmonious sounds, characteristic for this musical wave, those previously mentioned, a bit amazed, were petrified before the gusts of noise (not quite able to connect the studio recordings with the live version). This excludes a small group of "discipline" followers in the front rows of the hall (and some scattered among the crowd) who spent the 2-hour long incessant mix in "an active trance" and enticed objections and protests from "the petrified people" on the account of physical harassment (feet being stepped on, hair in mouths, etc.). Things only got livelier towards the end, during the confirmed TV hits and the encore. The concert was brought to an end with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.. (preceded by "no, no, no" to my personal satisfaction) and after a civil "thank you and goodbye" everything ended without a glamorous departure (which would not be his style anyhow) and in a stamped through the, now broadened, exit from the hall.


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