When, on February 14th 1997, a group of students from the Schools of Mechanical and Electric Engineering came unannounced to the Tolstojeva street, reaching as far as number 43, we got concerned, half seriously, for the security of the Serbian President. However, tonight, despite our action's being previously announced and the enormous amounts of policemen on Dedinje, a group of around a hundred students managed to come all the way to Tolstojeva number 31.

Now, we are deeply concerned for the safety of Slobodan Milosevic, for, our cherished readers, imagine what would have happened had it been, instead of the well-intentioned students on their way to a friendly cup of coffee, some malicious terrorists that came near his residence. Therefore, we plead of the General Badza to approach the problem solemnly and to really secure the President efficiently!

Cordially, a Russian classic

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