Deja vu

The question of why the night is always darkest just before sunrise is one often asked. It seems that, either this night of ours is too gloomy, or somebody is making it that way. It appears that the second option is much more appropriate. And here is the explanation to the whole story. As you all know, the Student Protest 96/97. itself carried the main load of the citizen protest in entire Serbia, but now, when the turn has come for the student issues, all of a sudden, everybody recollected the problems regarding the compensation of the lectures and other aspects of the Student Protest. Suddenly, both the professors and the Deans started appearing at the meetings of the Main Board, whereas it is a well known fact that the Student Protest is being "lead" by the Initiative Board, while the previously mentioned Main Board only serves as a mask for the outside observers. One is inclined to ask whether the protest ship is wrecked, for we all know who are the first ones to escape the sinking vessel. For the first time in the history of our student protests, we had the chance to really succeed, but somebody has tried very hard for that not to happen. And here is why: while we were supposed to fight for the stolen mandates of the "Zajedno" coalition, all the organizations from the outside and most from within the University suuported us, but now we are slowly beggining to lose that support. Could it be that the new political forces on the Serbian scene dread that "The judgement day" called the Student Protest could come their way too, so they figured that it would be better to ruin it now, and be safe from the students in the next few years. Now everybody has sound advice about what is to be done in the future. All things concerned, a situation similar to the one in Krajina and Bosnia. Whele the war lasted, while the times were tough, everybody stuck together, everybody felt the same. As soon as the territories settled a little, people started pushing and shoving to attain positions, and we know what happened afterwards. For this reason I plead of all the boards and all the leaders to think twice about what they are doing, and of those who give out orders - to come to their senses.


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