The redskins are running a honorary round

After an impoverishing and inhumanly painstaking marathon, which has been going on for two and a half months, at last we are about to enter the celebrated honorary round, those final 400 meters that are most difficult to run out. Nevertheless, we are still filled with vigor, making unwearied progress towards the finish line; the audience ecstatic with joy. We also have the lead over our opponents, who are limping far behind, but are, on the other hand, to everybody's amazement and by some kind of miracle, ahead of us as well. Namely, the Olympic Committee has mercifully decided to allow us to claim the second position if we come in first. This is mostly generous of them, considering that they (our opponents) did not even directly participate in the race, but only fictiously, and we all know that in these parts, fictious and virtual are beyond real, and considering that they represent the Organizational Olympic Committee at the same time. The legal manifestation of this mercy and generosity is the, by all means ingenuous regulation, brought just as we were nearing the end of the race, which legalizes and verifies all this: Lex olimpialis; no doubt, a miraculous law. And if we also consider that, immediately before the marathon, the gold medal suddenly vanished as if of its own will, and nobody seems to know where it is, only then can we begin to grasp the great mercy which was shown to us by this act, for if it hadn't been for them, we would not receive the medal for the first place. In this way, being second, we will get the silver after all, and even that is something, isn't it?

To make a long story short, everything has been settled thanks to the merciful Olympic Committee so only one, completely insignificant question remains (one that is not worthy of the quarels and the embarassment of our Olympic Committee before the world) which is not worthy of our attention, so we will all just forget about it; by the way the question is: where in the hell has the gold medal disappeared?


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