We are not normal, we are parallel

After the state of the Papal, Holy Seat - the Vatican, some have decided that we should found a state of a hard, i.e. soft toilet seat. The anticipated future center of the newly established state would be the pantry of D. Velickovic, and his pet - the red mandrill (having a more thorough education than his owner) would attain the position of the Chancellor. The language expected to be put into official use would be the Turkish-caucasian version of our mother tongue, urdu, though even the use of smoke signals, transmitted from the roof of the Chancellor's Office, would not be out of the question. As a religion, the reformed voodoo teaching would be adopted, and Cleopatra will be appointed as reverent. Population: including the amoebas from the School of Biology, us, and the Chinese, we would amount to a billion and half. The only law will be the rule of anarchy, which will be preserved by the lex specialis. We will feed only through the Internet, possibly fax-machines, at "The three skeletons".

The preparations for the entrance to the IMF, EU, UN have already been performed. We expect that the economic policy of the new state will be in accord with the best exportation products - musty minds and frustrated nymphomaniacs and virgins.

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