From the Tolstojeva street...

On the 97th day of the Protest, the students from the School of Geography, accompanied with the security from the Delta Force, headed for Dedinje, with the intention of finding and visiting the "full" professor of their school, Mirjana Markovic. The students brought their sociology books, written by the professor in question, with the idea that the professors should give the lecture which these academic citizens have been awaiting for over three years now.

In the Tolstojeva street, near the number 31, it already became clear that the class wouldn't be held, because the procession, numbering some 45 students was stopped by the police and threatened with fire-arms. Nevertheless, one of the students managed to break through to the number 33 and take a photograph of the residency. On this occasion, the following were arrested: Zarko Sikman, member of the Initiative Board of the School of Geography and of the Delta force of the BU security and Boris Subasic, journalist and photo-reporter of "Duga". Following this arrest, the students refused to leave and sat on the street instead, insisting on receiving an explanation on where and why there colleagues were taken.

Soon afterwards, reinforcements came - 12 vans, with about 100 members of the Special Anti-terrorist Units, whose threats compelled the student procession to withdraw.

On their return to the Plato, we discovered that our colleagues were located at the police station on Savski Venac and they were arrested on the accounts of violation of public peace and order, while their cameras were seized.

After an "informative conversation" at the police station, our colleagues were released at 13:45.


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