What is wrong?

These days, rumors have been spreading (?) about the establishment of the so-called "parallel" BU. Such radical measures, as a response to the Chancellor's ignoring of the student demands would result in a succession of the BU from the state, both influential and financial.


According to the words of D.M. (the representative of the physicist in the Main Board), they are of an opinion that such an act would increase the research capabilities of the BU for approximately 40 percent, because the professors wouldn't be elected partially, but in accordance to their academic merits, thus improving the University's teaching activities.

The students would pay tuition (scholarships would also be provided), which would not encompass the financing of other activities (earnings of the professors, scientific words etc.). Of course, the decrease of the number of freshmen would be necessary.

What is wrong with all this? We do not know whether you are acquainted with the fact that our Deans are not the first who came up with the idea about a "parallel" university; such a creation already exists in our country, the university in question being the one of the Albanians on Kosovo.

The draft of the parallel BU coincides with the Albanian University in the parts regarding financing (tuition, donations of the individuals and the organizations supporting it) and the independence from the official institutions (Chancellor's Office, Ministry of Education).

The basic issue, logically and morally absurd, is the reduction of an acclaimed and respected institution such as the BU to the level of an unreal and illegitimate institution, which the Albanian University always has been (without a polemic on whether it would the creation of such an university would be justified). Practically, it is a great set-back for the BU (if we are already legitimate and legal, let's stay that way!).

The other problem, connected with the inevitable comparison of the parallel BU with the Albanian "parallel", is that the BU is a traditionally multinational environment, available to all (including foreigners), while the Albanian University was created only for the needs of one nation (nationality); it could easily happen that the people from the other places wish to have a "parallel" in their little towns and thus save the money they are presently using to pay the rent in Belgrade. A multitude of small, local, invalid universities would be attained, which would undermine the academic level of each individual and university in Yugoslavia in general (no problem, let us open universities throughout the country, but at least let us do it properly!). Whether the degrees of the "parallel" BU (and other potential "parallels") have the value (both in the country and abroad) of those from the existing BU, is not certain. The risk is great, and the consequences could be disastrous.

What kind of a levitating moral has it all resulted from? Perhaps the idea had a good concept and lead to the autonomy of the BU, but satisfying somebody's paranoia by twisting the idea about the autonomy in such a way, is morally retarded. The *** students haven't been dragging along the streets for the past three months to virtually capitulate and in the end acquire less from what they had in the beginning. Is it of any use for us to be remembered by the future generations as those who ruined the BU, disabling them from receiving acknowledged degrees and making them pay tuition, too? What will happen to those who don't want to attend the parallel BU, or can't afford it? Will they (have to) study at the state BU, where the only subject will be sociology, and the only professor Mira Markovic?

We would like to return to our schools as soon as possible, but not at this cost; that is not the fulfillment of the SP demands.

Who betrayed us and why, we don't know (but we will find out!) In any case, let us not be the ones who will betray all those yet to come and those who believe in us.

Verbum caro factum est & Baby Cate

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