Belgrade students in Vienna

A delegation of Belgrade University students stayed in Vienna between February 10 an 13. The members of the delegation were: Sanja Bogicevic, Branislav Cale, Nikola Vitas, Aleksandra Marinkovic and Vojislav Filipovic. During the visit, they met with the representatives of the Osterreichische HochschulerInnenschaft, the biggest student organization in Austria, which has given us a lot of support during the Protest. They were received by the Chancellor of Vienna University (with whom they drank juice or bear in a very pleasant atmosphere), who promised that he would, together with the Council of Vienna University, send a letter to our (in the near future - former) Chancellor, in which they would ask him how long he intends to ignore the will of his students. On the last day of the visit, a press conference, attended by the reporters of all influential Austrian media, was held. Our delegation received the prize for tolerance, which is awarded yearly by the School of Agro-technics in Vienna. The impression shared by all the members of the delegation is that the Austrian public observes the protests in Belgrade with great approval. Our delegation explained that the Student Protest was completely independent and set apart from the coalition Zajedno protest. They also stated that students would persist in their protest until all three of our demands have been fulfilled.


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