See you tomorrow

We would like not to have to mention Him any more, to forget Him. But, our brave Chancellor will not give in. Every time we think his strength if giving in, He returns with another absurd statement or act. There is no point in speaking of any kind of moral, to appeal to any kind of reason in His body. His last "brilliant" idea, the list of Deans who he is threatening with dismissals, which was read at the press conference (March 4) has convinced us of the fact who is pleased with staying where they are - in the street. Every time the SP had a crises or when a solution was within reach, shocking events took place and returned revolt to us. Remember: Kolarceva, the beating between February 2 and 3, this famous list. The past few days barely a few thousand students gathered at the Plato; tomorrow we will ALL be there. If anyone is manipulating then it is those who called us a "manipulated handful". Yet they are the only ones who will lose in this duel, fore NO one controls us, People who stand firmly behind their principles. When they realize this it will be late. You, Chancellor, can stay stuck in your immoral, we on the other hand will fulfill our intentions even against your will. See you tomorrow at the Plato.

Baby Cate

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