Take the Year, We Won't Give You Serbia!

Last night around 19:00 something truly great and encouraging happened. During the session of the Main Board information was anonymously received that Mrs. Radmila Milentijevic, the minister of information was holding a reception for domestic and foreign journalists in the National Museum. All the members unanimously decided that we should join them. The entrance to the building was "calmly" secured by no more than three members of the security, so we had no problem joining the guests of our dear minister. Since the walks are our trademark, we decided to take one in the building while shouting the previously mentioned (headline) parole. The guests were not confused and applauded, the braver ones even joined with comments of "This is great...". Members of the Main Board left after a twenty-minute walk, and your reporter was approached by two of the employees who said "Thank you for this...". After leaving the building the walk was continued through the streets of Belgrade supported by the citizens and the Grandma Olga (she didn't walk but waved from her window). After the popular "media walk" the members of the Main Board retuned to the School of Philosophy where they continued their meeting.


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