At the Parliament of the Belgrade University, which was held last Sunday, the staff made a step towards the solution of the problems regarding the autonomy of the University and its non-functioning Chancellor. But if the chronology of the session is analyzed, as well as the conclusions and decisions which were adopted, I can freely state that the Parliament has not come to single new proposal for the solving of the ongoing crises at the University. Even though the autonomy of the University was widely discussed: how it should be manifested and how it could be achieved in perspective, none of the present professors or the members of the Counsil of Deans and the Initiative Board for the Defence of Democracy gave a concrete proposal how to speed up the procedure for the legal change of the present Chancellor. The Declaration of the University of Serbia was adopted, the basis for the proposal of a University Law, and finally the acting Chancellor was named, but the student demands and Protest were only briefly mentioned in the report of the Parliament and the speech of Miodrag Gavrilovic, member of the Initiative Board of the Student Protest, about the results of the Student Protest. So, even though the main reason of the recent actions of the Parliament is support of the student in order fulfill our demands and bring us back to class as soon as possible. As the basis of this support one should emphasize the publicly confirmed agreement with the Main Board about not recalling students to class, the possibility of the loss of the school year is constantly emphasized or even the return to class (we witness that at the student assemblies). Does this explain the lack of consensus among the Deans, or something more? In any case, to return to class without the demands being met would mean total defeat of the students. If after more than 100 days we end the fight against the "anti-chancellor", the marionettes of the ruling party through which it prevented any serious organizing and acting of the students in society, it is hard to believe that the students will find enough energy, not to mention support of the citizens to face the problems which lay ahead of us. The change of the Chancellor is no longer the taking down of a marginal person of a corrupted system, but a psychological battle through which the winners would secure positions for the education of the student collective which could rise from the tail to the head of this society, where it belongs. It is true that the rest of our studies will be a great job. Many will not be able to make up the lost time, many are already in financial trouble, but that is a reason more to endure, regarding the energy and time invested. May the main reason for victory be the nightmare which defeat brings. It is not a question of immediate future, and it is thus necessary for us all to act like responsible citizens of this country and fight for our and the general well-being.


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