We Have Just Begun

It is clear that in the near future we shall enter the post-revolutionary (seemingly calm) waters in which the results of the painstaking struggle either sink for a short while or (which is a rarer case - as history has proved so far) bring something new and better. The recent events turned all the attention toward the Main Board of the Student Protest and its decisions, as well as toward the Chancellor, who is expected (not) to keep his promise. In this text, I shall present a possible outcome of this situation. If the Chancellor does resign, the question will be: who shall do his duties? (NB - the University Council does not exist, whereas professor Kuburovic has been only legitimately, not legally, appointed to this post). Should professor Kuburovic take this post until a new, legally elected Chancellor be appointed, we shall have to face another serious dilemma: could we trust the new managing team in the Chancellors office? Could we be certain that the aspirations of this team shall go beyond their party (and personal) interests, and that their main aims will really be the development of the University and better status and living conditions for students and professors? The reason I ask these questions is that at crossoroads similar to this one, students have been directed back to darkness, betrayed by those who promised them everything and those whom they trusted (notably, the Student Protests 1968 and 1992). In order to avoid something like this, I think we should not consider this MOVEMENT as finished, and certainly not as as ruined. This protest finaly brought the students together and reminded them (or revealed to them) that we all belong to the same, Belgrade University. We should only transform this unity into appropriate social organizations and organs (keeping an eye on the attempts of infiltration, certainly to come) through which we would keep putting pressure on the management of the University (and the present authorities as well) to act in the interest if the students, professors and development of the University as an institution. The Protest is just the first step (and the most difficult one) on the thorny path of democratization of the society, the end of which nobody has seen yet. This step must not end with the fall into an abyss. After the Protest, it is natural that fresh student organizations be formed, purified of thieves and corrupt quasi-students. A more intense development of such organizations began during the Protest, the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences setting a good example, since all six schools included in it have organized the Student Unions (the Student Unions at the schools of Mathematics and Physics, SUMF and SUFF, have even been registered). There is also the plan for forming the Student Parliament, which would represent the students of Belgrade University. This Parliament would itercede with the state institutions and organs for all students' needs (the number of which is now unfortunately high).

We have just begun. Therefore, let's go on, together and determinedly - STRAIGHT AHEAD!


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