Unburden yourself, and as for the students, who ... (cares about) them

We did not predict such progress of the privatization in our country. After the privatization of the University, the privatization of the National Museum has been successfully concluded. The National Museum has been completely appropriated by Miss "That could never happen in my America", so that an institution of great importance for the nation has been prostitutionized. The so called "At the Horse" club works at full steam, receptions, parties, cocktails are organized ther, and, probably, wedding and send-off parties. Ladies of pleasure have been observed there as well, so the gentlemen, surrounded otherwise by old ladies, certainly are not bored. For common people, who are not welcome at these parties, the automobile fair has been organized. The latest models were exibited, next to duke Mihailo on his horse! The cars were excellently secured, and the gathered people greeted the cars and the eminent people in them in a somewhat noisy manner. This Hollywood splendour was especially set off by the best known Serbian woman among the Americans. We do not know whether she and her president left the disco or they were offered to stay as permanent exibits. Anyhow, they are untouchable as it is.

Student Vice-Lector 007

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