Everyone is Satisfied,
or, the wolf satiated, and all the SHEEP alive

They say the Protest is about to end. They say the remaining demands will be fulfilled in no time. The Chancellor is an "honest" man who will, as soon as he sees that students sit where they belong, do exactly what they want. Let us accept that notion without thinking (and we must not think about it, since it would lead us into madness) and estimate its possible effects. Will it lead to the solution of the crisis? We may say "YES", but at the same time we must bear in mind that it was not us that brought about the crisis, but the lunatic governing system, and that the same system will undoubtedly attempt to end the crisis when it suits them, and in a manner which they choose. We consented to the lex specialis as the simplest (but not the best) solution, we are about to accept the ultimatum presented by the Chancellor... it makes two cases of COMPROMISE, not two FULFILLED demands. The second decision (we go to lectures - the Chancellor goes to the street, i.e. loses his job) was made after the Minister of Education had threatened us (with the loss of the school year), and the crucial element was tiredness, and not resoluteness. This leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, and we must only hope that we shall be in a position to replace it with the sweet taste of victory. Students have taken upon themselves to improve the social awareness of citizens and add to their dignity; we must not underestimate the citizens and think that they will not know the difference between the compromise and the fulfillment.

And what will happen to us?

When the decisive Minister (of Education) has made the completion of the school year difficult, or impossible, for us (do not forget - he is of the opinion that we should CERTAINLY be punished!), we shall be left alone with the exams we have not passed and the demands which have not been fulfilled. Yes, UNFULFILLED demands, for we shall realize then that we have sacrificed a lot for the little success we have made. The insufficiency of the solution we agreed to by compromise will be clear to us and those who believed in us only. You must admit that it is a great number of people.

What will be the consequences?

Disappointment. Utter loss of self-respect. We were engaged in (I am positive about it) the heaviest struggle in our lives, the struggle for justice, and we lost it because we were TIRED. In a couple of years we shall hold high positions in the society and in science (natural outcome of our education), but we shall not be self-confident enough to make others around us self-confident. We shall bring up young people without teaching them ethical principles, which would strengthen their spirit.

I envy those who have, in our name, risked the future of the whole country by accepting compromise, for they have shown great courage in doing it. Some of them are at the end of their careers, but I especially admire those who shall have to carry their GUILTY CONSCIENCES along on the long path lying in front of them. It is for all of us to decide how heavy OUR consciences will be.

Baby Cate

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