Achtung, achtung!

On Sunday, March 16th, on the year of 1997, on Usce, a GP "Student Protest" automobile rally will be organized, with the title "Daddy, look at how I'm driving!" The race in question is in the class of 750 ccm, 1 horse power, in which 6 teams will participate. The teams will be composed of the following groups of schools:

  1. Technical schools (Electric Engineering, Mechanic Engineering, Technological-metallurgic Engineering etc.)
  2. Social sciences (Philosophy, Philology, Political Sciences, Organizational Sciences etc.)
  3. Natural sciences (Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry etc.)
  4. Biotechnology schools (Medicine, Pharmaceutics etc.)
  5. The Art University
  6. The BK University, advanced schools

Every groupation will have 4 "bolids" competing for it; it is obligatory that they be the worst possible ruins (it is desirable for them to have no mufflers, for a more complete impression!); the registration of the teams is in progress (the representatives of the schools in the Main Board should be contacted). The design of the bolids is to be determined personally by the owner (the team), to his own liking (according to the principle - the more vivid the better). Circular races (with more participants on the track at the same time) will not be organized, and you will discover why after you have seen your favorites breaking the sound barrier at this "fast" track. The general sponsor will be the "Galax" team which will borrow professional overalls and helmets to the contestants. A certain Djordje from the School of Applied Art and Design, with his 'pet' Ford Sierra will appear in the role of Marko Milosevic, our great ace, acknowledged throughout the world. We expect the girl students to dress as provocatively as possible (especially those who will be moving around the boxes, again, for a more complete impression) and we appeal to all the domestic (and foreign) televisions to take notice of this event (perhaps we will be mentioned by Cedomir Brkic in his television program '3K* on wheels'), particularly the crew of the NTV Studio B program 'The fifth speed'. We expect a massive response, for this is going to be a great event. At the same occasion, a "support rally" will be organized (we only don't know yet whom we will be supporting), but you can get a more detailed explanation about it from our colleague Dusan Popovic. The gathering at the Plato on Sunday is scheduled for 13:00, so we could be on time for the race which is beginning at 14:00.

*3K is the third channel of the state controlled television - the RTS


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