From the sources near to the Main Board, we discover that Dusan Vasiljevic, spokesman for the SP 96/97, and Oliver Dulic, member of the Initiative Board, have left for Italy, for the purpose of raising funds for the student radio stations, which could, in the near (or distant) future be founded in Serbia. Everything would be all right, had we not (unofficially) learned that the station, for which the funds are being raised, already exists, and that it is radio "Index". We also discover that the radio previously mentioned, besides its name (and the employees) is not significantly connected with the students. The radio was, in fact, founded by the University of Art, but they (more precisely, their Chancellor, Darinka Matic-Marovic) maintain that the radio has been run by "some" man for two years already. We weren't able to find out who the man in question is, although it doesn't even matter for now. The important thing is that some people are traveling under the "trademark" of the Student Protest, and that this trip will not contribute to the same, as well as that the delegation was not chosen by voting of the members of the Main Board, but that it rather delegated itself. The members of the Main Board naturally rebelled against this exploit of a pure "organization" such as the SP and decided that this money will go to the students. What will happen next? Well, we can only wait for the delegation to return and to ascertain how (and when) the mistake occurred.


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