The parliament "from the top"

The Student Parliament of the BU, as a lasting aspect of the Student Protest and a preventive in case that the Chancellors resignation is not accepted on March 19th and the students do not return to the streets, seems like a good idea, necessary in the further struggle for the autonomy of the University...however...Although I respect the need for the urgent establishment of such a parliament, I consider that this approach will lead to the distortion of an excellent idea. Namely, the Student Parliament of the Belgrade University is being organized "from the top". In other words, there is a tendency for the creation of a highest political student structure without the existence of strong organizations at the lower levels of schools, or of assemblies. In accordance to this, such a parliament would be but a mere extension of the Main Board.

Keeping in mind the tragic resolutions of the Main Board in the last week, a question of quality of such a parliament needs to be asked, because the Main Board will be controlling the elections.

By the way, the creation of the Student Assembly of the School of Physics is presently taking place, and the elections for it will be organized as soon as next week. The representatives of the physicists in the Student Parliament of the BU, as well as the Student Vice-dean, will be reporting to the Assembly of the students of physics about their work, which means that we have solved our problem already.


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