What do you know about the autonomy of the University?

You surely believe that you have already heard everything, but please, allow us to disturb you just a little more.

The autonomy of the BU represents the best possible, almost utopian symbiosis of the self-governing socialism and a well organized state apparatus. The term "self-governing socialism" must have frightened many of those among you, but it doesn't mean the abuse of the positions by the ethically impure souls, but the true, positive freedom of the University to handle its own (honestly earned!) money, control the election of the personnel on its own (according to merits!) and create its own programs. The autonomous University is NOT a separate state, so the main "sponsors" (the Republic of Serbia in our case) should (partly) participate in the functioning of the University, but in their domain (a FEW votes, NOT all!), and not by appointing "suitable" people to the positions concerning exclusively scientific and educational activities. It also means that "the (armed) law enforcement forces" have no right to roam the schools without the permission of those authorized, although they are the representatives of the state! Of course, such an ideal cooperation, profitable to both sides, demands a settled state, in which the political influences to different spheres of living are strictly separated.

According to the present situation, we are in for a long wait...

Baby Cate & VCFEst

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