The gas chamber of Buda Tatic

Since Mr. Budislav Tatic met all the requirements: he is the oldest member of the University Council (read as: the most senile), he is politically correct, and, as was noticed, has trouble with accents, which is (apart from the errors in the cases) a necessary qualification "of the members of the Gov'rment", they placed him on the presiding seat. Of course, the previous President, following the procedure, asked " 's ther' someone older than Buda?", which, of course, nobody answered. After he had usurped the microphone, Budislav-Buda Tatic spectacularly declared: "The academic ethics are, in their best manner, present in this room..." The attention of the presiding officer was drawn by a colorful scarf of the Minister Nada, which was captivatingly falling over her (fortunately) un-bare shoulders, so the little Bud(dh)a accepted all her suggestions unanimously. The discussion about the candidates for the President of the Council was started. Since the cleaning lady had refused nomination, as the representative of the "Gov'rment", uncle Momcilo unanimously offered himself. After a completely "unconvincing" presentation of (our) candidate, it was clear to everybody who the new President would be. It would be some kind of a precedent to elect an ACADEMICIAN for the President of the Council, (yuch) an internationally acclaimed scientist, not when we have our Momo, a clinical-medical solution. It was decided to be voted secretly, in two boxes: Moma's was the one on the left, and whose was the right one???

If anybody should ask you, the Chancellor has no significance in this story whatsoever, he is jut the II student demand, isn't he???

Student prolektor 007 & VCFest

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