After the session of the University Council, we asked the distinguished members of the Council to comment on the course of the session.

Gordana Matic, phd, the Higher Scientific Associate of the Institute for Biological Research "Sinisa Stankovic":

"This is the first convocation of the Council that I participate in as member. The impressions are numerous, but after this act of the election of the President, the strongest one that remains can be classified as unpleasant. Those in the University Council should know that the people from the University must have the greatest influence in its operation. I am pleased that Professor Kuburovic will be performing the Chancellor's duties. His election practically confirms, legalizes, the resolutions of the Council of the Deans. Professor Kurepa was my teacher, and as an internationally acclaimed scientist is by all means suitable for that function."

Mrs. Matic replied to our request to comment the competence of the delegates of the Government in the Council:

"It is difficult for me to say anything in particular, because I don't know any of the gentlemen from the Council delegated by the Government personally, so I cannot state my opinion on them."

Nebojsa Popov, phd, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory:

"This all results from not simple obedience, but the dressage of the Council members assigned by the Government. Since they are anonymous, they cannot take any responsibility, neither for the events from two months ago, when they gave the vote of confidence to Velickovic, nor for this today. They operate mechanically, without explanations. It is difficult to separate that from domination. The University is a place for discussions, criticism, dialogues, but these are people who behave mechanically."

Mr. Popov commented the competence of the members of the Council from the Government with this:

"It is unimportant to them that they are inferior, they rely on the fear of the people from the University. Luckily, the fear is diminishing. No problems were discussed, everything was hastened."

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