A portrait: Professor Milan Kurepa, PhD

As you already know, a serious candidate for the President of the University Council (suggested by the members of the Council from the University) was Professor Milan Kurepa. Apart from his charismatic appearance (with a compulsory bow-tie) and pleasant behavior, professor Kurepa has a variety of expert skills which were, unsuccessfully, presented to the members of the Council.

Professor Milan Kurepa, phd, full professor of the School of Physics from '94, member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, wrote more than 80 scientific works and published some in foreign magazines as well, wrote about 30 books, was a mentor to 14 PHDs, over 20 M.A. degrees and countless final examinations. He is a respected lecturer and a "visiting professor" at the universities throughout the world, as well as the creator of the famous "BG group of the atomic collision". He was never the member of any party, nor intends to become one.

After the session was completed, Professor Kurepa was so kind as to give us a short interview. It is interesting that the members of the Council literally congratulated him on his election for the President of the Council.

BUM: Can You give us your comment on the composition of this Council, and compare the representatives of the University and of the Serbian Government?
MK: I don't know those people...All the professors think with their heads, they have autonomous personalities (except for those who prize their parties more) and that is their greatest flaw. On the other side there is a team that is practically a machine. There are University professors among them too, but I must put a question mark beside them...Nothing is sacred to them: not Einstein, nor Heisenberg.

BUM: Who can, by Your opinion, be the new Chancellor?
MK: I don't know. I never thought about it. Ever since 1969, when I was in the Administrative Board of the Institute for Physics, I refused to entangle myself in such affairs. I am not, as the English would say, Earthian. I am not from Earth.

BUM: How do You feel about Momcilo Babic?
MK: I don't know him, but he, before everything else, is not from the University, he is not a professor. It would be the same as if I decided to sing in the opera as a soprano!

BUM: Although the voting for the President of the Council was secret, we would like to know if You voted for yourself?
MK: Yes, I did. I nominated myself for that function at the insistence of my colleagues, and I put my signature on the proposal. It was completely logical, for every vote is important to us.

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