On most of the faculties of PMF students received only the oral approval of the protest and the unofficial support to the demands for freedom of elections, from their professors.

Unlike the other faculties, professors of the Faculty of Chemistry are supporting their students openly. Colleagues from chemistry were thrilled with this kind of support, yesterday. While the great number of students were not able to decide between lectures and the strike, professors told them that they should go to the demonstrations.

Words of the professors Cekovic Micovic, Sajicic, Vukovic, Bojovic and the others were greeted with a great applause. Profesor Cekovic notified us that the Council of professors of the Faculty of Chemistry gave the support to their students in addition to their demands.

The latest news shows that the students of Chemistry understood the words of their professors. Lectures are not held.

Colleagues from chemistry DO NOT be in a dilemma. Let's raise our heads, because human dignity and freedom are more important than knowledge. Words are more important than thoughts.

At the end we are inviting all the professors of all the faculties of PMF to turn to their students and show their attitude to our demands publicly.

written by Ivan

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