The author of this witty paraphrase seen on one of the numerous yesterdays transparents, gave the best review of the events which took place during the last couple of days.

Yesterdays protest walk of the students in the Knez Milos street was stopped with the help of the cordon of the fully equiped policemen. This "human wall" which completely partitioned the wide boulevard was situated somewhere behind the Embassy of Canada because the procession didn't turn left, to the Milos Pocerac street as it was done yesterday, but it continued straight ahead towards the highway. A rather confussive and unpleasant situation occured!!! The huge procession of students stopped. those at the back didn't have a clue what was going on and they were eager to continue with the walk. Confussion in the mass occured, and "let's go! attack!" was heard from the front part. People from the back accepted chearing not even knowing that it had the concrete sense now. However, students chose the peaceful resistance and sat down on the street. A few minutes later, before this wave came to the end of the procession many of them started to raise in order to see what was happening ahead, and some calls for squaring the accounts were heard. Finally, after 10-15 minutes, the leaders decided that the procession should go back, not allowing the provocation of our peaceful protest.

A question about the purpose of this action has occured. Whether the people from MIA (Ministary of Internal Affairs) were concerned with a number of people who went to the highway, because cars go even faster then 100 km/hour? Or their message was something like this: "You can walk as much as you please, but you can't go everywhere you want!".

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