Omlette -even yesterday

On yesterdays protest walk, the Belgrade Assembly Building had the honour of being the first one to be covered by eggs. The yellow colour of the building got one more shade, but it got a few glass bottles as well. We believe that the bottles were not thrown by students because we do not drink during the strike.

Although I wish to remain objective as a reporter, I can't resist mentioning the building of the local branch of JUL (Yugoslav United Left) for the county of Savski Venac in the street of Milos Pocerac No. 32. Although considerably smaller and less signinficant than the other "yellow buildings" of Belgrade, it is the most popular with the students. For the past two days it has gotten pleanty of protein, not to mention the donations in money and other substance. Finaly the last and best known customer of yesterdays march was the building of "Borba" (the newspaper seized by the regime). We can tell you that the people working in the building are used to our "greetings" and are not disturbed by them. (It is said that the best smelling eggs are thrown by the chemistry students.)

A person from the building across the way from the JUL headquarters threw objects on the student procession. What can we do, these kind of people exist as well.

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