Selected responds from the world

CNN - Headline News ( 10pm, EST)

Halfempty Polling-places in the third round of elections, on which only senior citizens came, were shown. Slobodan Milosevic at polling-place was shown. Than, pictures from the demonstrations, Vuk Draskovic giving the speech and his short statement for the CNN, were shown. One of the participants of the demonstrations gave the statement in excellent English.

The CNN reporter said that Milosevic hopes that the demonstrants will loose their strenght and that the protest will fade awa, as it happened in 1991.

NY Times

Yesterday on it's front page was an article abut the Belgrade demonstrations, with the photos of the Belgrade students, while they were waving with their I.D.'s.

National Public Radio

In their evening one hour news, emphasize the Belgrade demonstrations as one of the most important events of the day. In a five minute report, famous reporter Silvia Paggioli informed the listeners about the situation, directly from the place in question. It is stated that the outcome of the protest is still uncertain, but it is considered that Milosevic is politicaly wounded.

The Boston Globe

Three days they are continually giving agency reports about the demonstrations in Serbia. Yesterday, on the second page they published a large article about that, followed by a big photo already well known to the world ( the Belgrade "egg-thrower" ).

To all students in Serbia! I'm giving you big support in defending democracy.

Vlade Divac, Charlotte, N.C. USA

Have strength and will to persist in the protest against dictatorship of unreasonableness, lies and stupidity. Serbia deserves FREEDOM, not Slobodan.

Dr Branko Kolarevic, University of Hong Kong

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