We talked to Dusan Miskovic, the president of the protest committee of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (PMF), who gave us the following statement: "The organisational committee of the PMF formed a student body of three students who will control the finances, i.e. different forms of donations. This Body is under the control of the Executive committee, so that there are three levels of security, in order to prevent the misuse of the received material."

In reference to the question whether there have been any donations so far he answered that there have been offers and that starting with Tuesday or Wednesday donations should start coming in. He added that in the past three days efforts have been made to tighten security and organise programs for further gatherings of students at their schools.

We talked also to Miroslav Hristodulo, president of the Main Committee of the Student Protest, about the activities concerning the protest. He told us the following: "Lately the Main Organisational Committee has decided to introduce a couple more activities during this week. We have spoken to marketing agencies which have given us some original ideas. One of them is to organise around twenty thousand students to hold hands in order to surround the three Assemblies: Federal, State and City. Each one of them would write a message in his/her ID [book], and then we would cover the Chancellor's office with them, and so protest the ignoring of the student demands. We have also organised a petition of the students who support the protest. We will then have signatures to prove our number. At some school classes have been going on, but on some they have been completely stopped. We have an information centre which gets information about which schools are in strike and which are not. We have decided to launch a written protest to the Chancellor Velickovic because he refused to address us. We propose that he comes to see the "hand-full of students".

There was an initiative to sue the Chancellor for the spreading of lies. We might print a certain number of banners, in which we would invite the workers in Serbia to strike.

For today we decided to go for a protest walk, even with the prohibition of public gatherings. Yesterday the Ministry of Interior issued a statement that all organisations and parties which are to hold protest meetings must announce it to the MI. We will go for our walk, but if we encounter the police, we will retreat and will not settle for violence. Today an open letter was written to the premier of Serbia, Dragan Tomic."

The many students who gathered today, regardless of the snow and cold for the walk, know that everything passed in peace and the best order. We will see whether it will be seen (or overseen) by RTS (Serbian National Radio-Television Network).


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