According to the calendar, '68 is long-gone. If we look back only a couple of ears, we see that each of the protests has had its own significance. Students rose in '91 immediately after the events of March 9, because there was a danger of the cancellation of the elements of democracy, which had recently been introduced. The RTS aired all the recordings made by NTV (Independent television) Studio B and the contest ended in a draw. One year later, a new student protest was organised. The war in Bosnia was flaring. Sanctions were imposed upon Serbia. The demonstrations of were the most intensive, excluding the ones of '68. The people were divided in '92. The students divided also- patriots and non-patriots, nationalists and democrats. The author of this article was a member of one those fractions. Fortunately, at the time he was not a student yet. He would not participate in the protest, since he did not share the opinion of his colleagues. Then the protest met with troubles: Black berets, Serbian guards. After the protest was suppressed, the authorities started abandoning the idea of Serbian unity and introduced its own democracy under the slogan "peace has no alternative". Today as well, the media is degraded disgraces and one-sided, and what little amount of freedom has been left is under constant pressure. There are no reports about students on television or radio, but there are reports about China, India, etc. The war is over. Now we want to live like all normal people. We refuse to be deceived by the so called "national interests". We want freedom of speech, the right to vote, legality; we want jobs after we finish our education and regular wags.

We do not want to go to Canada, Australia, New Zealand (the most popular countries for immigration, no offence). We are all on the same side now, both the nationalists and the democrats; together with the true European socialists. It's the evil doers, thieves and liars that are on the other side. There are no conflicts among us any more. There are people who are frightened, seemingly not interested in the latest events, but there are no divisions. We want a better life, not only for the few people who live well today, but for everyone else, too. There are no secret societies, no groups one should elude, but colleagues, there are always fools you must avoid. The incident of November 29, when certain youths in leather jackets attacked students proves this. Therefore, my dear friends, be courageous, open your eyes and let us struggle for freedom.

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