RTS about us and we about RTS

How does RTS (Serbian National Radio-TV Network) inform the public about us? They practically do not inform the public about the Student Protest. They mostly bring their obedient servants to give their own view of the student's gatherings. On Thursday, November 28 1996, the present Chancellor of the Belgrade University stated, among other things, that "only a few students" are taking part in the Protest. The photograph below proves that his statement was false. We would like to point out once again that one of our demands is that the Chancellor of the Belgrade University submits his resignation. On Friday, November 29 1996, the Dean of the School of Organisational Sciences stated for the RTS News that recent events are not in accordance with student tradition (we think that this is part of the student tradition, starting with '68). The Dean of the Medical School said, among other things, that we disturb the peace of the citizens (we apologise, this is our attempt to disrupt the peace of the authorities). The Dean of the School of Economics stated that the rallies should not be held in the school buildings (forgetting the fact that the schools are our work places, and when people strike they strike at their work places!).

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