We appealed to Mirjan Antonic, the Deputy of the Student Security Detachment in connection with the few unwelcome incidents which occurred on protest walks during the holidays.

During one of these walks, a middle-aged woman ran her blue Citroen into the procession which was passing by Skadarska street at the moment, although traffic police had already blocked traffic. The Security Guards reacted and stopped her, but, provoked by her action, one of the passers-by kicked the car. The police interfered. A daily newspaper published the report that "before the program at the Plato began, two youths had come out of a white van and started beating the students". The Deputy of the Student Security Detachment stated that "chance passers-by got into a fight with certain people from a vehicle we did not manage to identify". Student Security reacted and succeeded in calming them. During one of the protest walks, a fire-cracker was thrown onto the procession, which provoked anger among the students, but no unwelcome incidents ensued.

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